Instagram Under The Microscope: Why Likes on Your Posts Matter

2017-11-09 23:34:01

Instagram just crossed the 700 million-user threshold and plans to keep chugging along full speed ahead, with 1 billion users as the goal for 2020. As the fastest growing social media platform in existence today, leveraging Instagram to grow your brand, business, or just personal profile is incredibly powerful and potentially profitable.

How do you go from a zero to an Instagram hero, however?

With Instagram likes!

Instagram likes, comments, and engagement are what Instagram measures to determine if a post is “popular” and worth sharing in its secret algorithm. The Instagram algorithm, quite simply, filters through posts and prioritizes and promotes posts it thinks you want to see, based on popularity and your shared interests on the app. The more likes, comments, and interaction, the more likely Instagram is going to reward you for posting what it thinks is an interesting and enticing photo.

Naturally, through buying automatic Instagram likes, you are playing the Instagram algorithm like a fiddle. Instagram is not smart enough to read what kinds of likes are being applied to your photo. Plus, many liking engines, like ours here at Promoder, apply real Instagram likes to your photo, thereby kick starting the algorithm process and getting your content to trend with both your followers and new followers in the future.

Trending Posts

If you’ve used Instagram in the last few years, you know that there’s a trending post section, found through the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of your search feed. For every term or hashtag you search, Instagram shows you the “Top 9” posts under that tag. How does it determine those posts? Through Instagram likes. So if you have 5,000 Instagram likes applied to your photo, for every hashtag you included below it, you will be in the top trending feed (depending on the popularity of the hashtag).

As you can imagine, this kind of exposure is invaluable. From this exposure, you will get real Instagram followers who found you on the search page. These are real, living breathing people who saw your photo and followed you because they wanted to. This is what you're ultimately after on Instagram. Followers who will interact with, and potentially, buy from your brand, as well as act as community advocates who bring buyers to your profile.

Instagram Likes

To keep the followers flowing to your profile, you need to make an investment into monthly Instagram likes that launch you and your business onto an international platform, right through the Instagram app. Millions are people will be using Instagram this holiday season to make their purchases, and by tapping into the Instagram trending feature through applied likes, you’ll be some of the first profiles they are viewing and perusing before making their final decision.

Instagram likes are all that stand between you and incomparable marketing opportunities. Get your posts into the heat of the Instagram algorithm, and make your content trend today, with Instagram likes.