Instagram marketing

2017-08-19 22:19:42

Instagram is already an important platform for marketing and chances are that its only going to be even more important. As of this article, there are around 300,000,000 Instagram users, while Facebook, its parent company, has about 1.3 billion users and counting. Being in the Facebook fold, it may just be the case that Facebook and Instagram become even more intimately fused. It is very reasonable to expect that Instagram will speedily catch up with Facebook's user numbers. When Facebook began to spread outside of College campuses, the user demographic was decidedly skewed in the direction of youth. The trend in user demographics for Instagram is about the same as Facebook's demographic trend. Even more so than Facebook, Instagram is almost made for smart phones, tablets, and the kind of phone tablets that are starting to be rolled out onto the consumer electronics market.

Besides the likelihood of the massive expansion of the user base, Instagram has another distinct advantage as a promotional platform: a picture is worth a thousand words. Human beings are visual creatures. Images have the ability to influence areas of our brain than mere words are not capable of so easily reaching. Images bypass the reasoning filters of the brain, touching us in a deep and powerful way. Remember though, with great power comes great responsibility.

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